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4 Tips on how to keep your body Health Naturally

How to care for and maintain the health of the body actually is not difficult. Keeping our health can mean to prevent things that are not good for the health of the body, so long as you do the activity that does not endanger yourself and your body, then you will get free health and certainly easy.

You need to underline line is a disease arising resulting from any body that is not healthy or not clean. drhingga everyone who wants to have a healthy life should start from avoided from dirt, food that is not beneficial to the body until the time-wasting activity.

4 Tips on how to keep your body Health Naturally

If it is so difficult to be avoided then do your best to follow some healthy tips here.

Sports and the food nutritious vegetables

Most people assume that in order that the body always healthy, they have to do exercise and consume foods that are nutritious. This is indeed true.

Medical experts also agree with this opinion. Just don't do sports is excessive because of the sports activities that are too heavy and overkill is precisely is not good for the body. Do sports that suit your body and remember to do regularly.

You should not do sports in place of fitness. Just do it sports a lightweight, easily, and inexpensively. Call it healthy and jogging path.

You can perform two types of these sports each morning before your activity or heading off to the Office. Take 30 minutes to do the healthy way or jogging around Your House complex.

Consume Water White

In addition to exercise and consume food that is nutritious, you also need to consume water in accordance with the needs of your body. Ideally, the white water consumption is recommended by nutrition experts is about 8 glasses a day.

This amount is a minimal amount of water consumption. Then avoid sitting too long. Why? Sitting too long will make your body faster and more tired. Don't forget also to multiply your intake of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and other nutrients needed by the body. If the intake of nutrition are met very well, the body will get supplies enough energy to perform daily activities.

Avoid Stress

Other ways to keep the body's health is to avoid and prevent the onset of stress. Did you know the condition of mental stress will affect the quality of your body's physical health (read: Stress). So not only the psychic health alone is perturbed, but also your physical health.

How to prevent and avoid the stress is pretty easy. For example, one of them is with the refreshing manner went on vacation, funneling hobby, gathered with family or friends, reduce the quantity of work, do yoga/meditated, and many examples of other mind relaxation.

Avoid Smoking and alcoholic beverages

Well, for those of you who frequently consume alcoholic drinks and smoking, should from now on stay away from alcoholic beverages and cigarettes for two of these items are the two causes not his senses your body.

Smoke sucked and gets into the lungs will make these organs contaminated by the toxic substance called nicotine. If left alone and not quit smoking, the poison substances will continue to stack up and stack up to penetrate and even thwart lung organ function.

As a result appear some diseases related to pulmonary organs like the one lung disease which is very dangerous is lung cancer. You certainly don't want your lungs exposed to lung cancer isn't it? Therefore, from now on try slowly to not smoke.

Alcoholic beverages is also one of the causes of the incidence of a wide range of chronic diseases including cancer. Smoking and alcohol can also inhibit to quickly get pregnant, So it is true you have to avoid two things.

In addition to the 4 way of maintaining health above there are many more alternative ways that you can use, all health-related things we recommend to consult the doctor, so we can see what we have to do. Such as: kayaking, a sport nutrition food that matches. etc.

I hope the above tips can be useful for you. We are pleased if you take the time to share his article. thanks.

Jumat, 08 Desember 2017

The Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water For The Health Of Human Body

Drink plenty of water and regularly can keep the immune system and can also be used as a skin treatment. But in addition to the water mainly drank warm water can also provide some excellent benefits for the body. Drinking warm water is one that can be used to warm the body. Not only that, the benefits of drinking warm water even very beneficial for health.


Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water Is Very Rewarding

Many are made from warm water, you can make coffee, milk, tea, and also others. Of course all the materials added in warm water will also provide its own merits in accordance with what is added.

But, in the absence of additional materials or simply with warm water only, can still give you the benefit of very extraordinary. The benefits of drinking warm water also can be felt when you drank warm water regularly.

Drinking warm water can provide benefits that are very beneficial for health. The benefits of drinking warm water can be used to heal and also keep it from various diseases. Whether it is a high risk of disease or illness that can be found everyday.

The benefits of drinking warm water not only to warm up a cold body when the rainy season or when winter, but certainly you can use to cure colds and cough which usually often attack your body at any time. Another thing from drinking warm can also help you to lose weight your body in order to achieve the minimum.

In addition to these drinking warm water is beneficial to stimulate the movement of your intestines. When you drink in the morning can make your bowel movement more smoothly so that it can make digestion more smoothly.

So warm water can also help you when you are exposed to constipation. The benefits of drinking warm water also proved very useful to clean the toxins in your body making you healthier. So by always consume warm water every morning can make you healthier.

Rabu, 26 Juli 2017

Cara Menghemat Baterai Android Tanpa Aplikasi

Baterai Android anda cepat habis??? yaa sebuah pertanyaan yang cukup untuk di permasalahan anak muda-mudi sekarang. Smartphone android memang di rancang dari pabrik memerlukan daya yang besar, oleh sebab itu sangat membosan jika terus mengisi daya baterai smartphone android kamu dan jika terus menerus di charger smartphone kamu bakalan mengurangi daya tahan baterai bahkan bisa rusak atau menggembung. Untuk itu Jari Komputer membagi Tips menghemat baterai Smartphone android kamu tanpa Aplikasi.

Cara Menghemat Baterai Android Tanpa Aplikasi

#1 Jangan di gunakan Mode Getar (Vibrations)

Cara Menghemat Baterai Android Tanpa Aplikasi

Tips ini sangat berguna sekali, dulu mode getar ini saya gunakan untuk menghemat baterai smartphone android saya, tapi ternyata salah mode Getar (Vibrations) sangat menguras daya baterai. Sebaiknya menggunakan mode ringtone tetapi jangan terlalu besar volumenya.

#2 Kecilkan Brightness di Layarmu

Cara Menghemat Baterai Android Tanpa Aplikasi

Brightness artinya kecerahan, Yapp mengatur pencahayaan di smartphone kamu sangat membantu mengurai pemakaian daya yang cukup besar, Biasanya di setting tidak terlalu terang dan tidak terlalu gelap artinya sebagai mana anda nyaman dilihat mata kamu.

#3 Persingkat Waktu Stand-By (Time-Out) Layar HP kamu

Cara Menghemat Baterai Android Tanpa Aplikasi

Sebelumnya kita telah membahas layar smartphone kamu menguras daya baterai terlalu besar, Oleh sebab itu Persingkat waktu tunggu tampil layar. Maksud persingkat waktu tunggu tampil layar adalah ketika anda selesai menggunakan smarrtphone kamu layarnya akan mati jangan buat terlalu lama akan memakai daya yang cukup besar. Biasa waktu tampil layar anda 2 menit ubahlah menjadi 15 detik.

#4 Charger Baterai Smartphone Kamu Secara Efisien

Cara Menghemat Baterai Android Tanpa Aplikasi

Ada beberapa jenis baterai yang di gunakan untuk handphone: Nickle cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium ion, Lithium ion poly, Lithium iron phosphate. Menurut saya baterai jenis nickle lebih tahan lama dari jenis lithium, Jika kamu menngunakan baterai jenis nickle Ponsel kamu harus di charger hingga kapasitas Maksimum dan sangat berbeda baterai jenis Lithium, jenis ini kamu harus sesering mungkin mengcharger baterai ponsel kamu fungsi nya agar tetap awet.

#5 Matikan WiFi, Paket Data, Bluetooth, dan GPS Saat Tidak Digunakan

Cara Menghemat Baterai Android Tanpa Aplikasi

Ada baiknya jika kamu tidak menggunakan smartphone untuk mematikan konektivitas, Karena itu membuang daya baterai smartphone kamu secara percuma. Apalagi waktu kamu sedang tidur ada baiknya mematikan konektivitasnya agar tetap awat baterainya.

#6 Tutup Aplikasi Jika Sudah Tidak Digunakan

Cara Menghemat Baterai Android Tanpa Aplikasi

Hal sepele ini biasanya terlupakan oleh anda, setelah membuka aplikasi kamu lupa atau sengaja tidak menutupnya dan kembali ke layar utama. Jika hal sepele ini kamu sering lakukan hendaklah tidak melakukannya lagi karena membuang daya baterai smartphone secara percuma-cuma.

#7 Hindari Penggunaan Flash Wallpaper

Kamu tidak akan mengira menggunakan Flash Wallpaper  (Background Layar)  juga cukup memakan daya baterai smartphone kamu. Jadi saya sarankan untuk menggunakan Wallpaper  yang gambar yang tidak HD cukup yang biasa saja (Sedang dan ukurannya kecil).

Nah Cukup sekian Tutorial Tips Menghemat Baterai Android Tanpa Aplikasi. Jika kamu mempunyai keluahan seputar artikel Menghemat Baterai silahkan bertanya di kolom komentar dibawah ini....
Semoga tips yang di bagikan Jarikomputer sangat membantu untuk para pembaca semua.

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Ketik #RAN Di Komentar Facebook Timbul Ular & Binatang Lainnya ? Begini Caranya

Akhir ini pengguna facebook di hebohkan dengan munculnya animasi ular dan binatang lainnya yang timbul di layar hp penggunanya setelah mengetikkan hastag #RAN di komentar facebook. 

Tidak hanya ular yang bisa di munculkan, melainkan binatang lainnya seperti kelinci, laba-laba, pinguin, cicak, katak dan binatang lainnya.

Ketik #RAN Di Komentar Facebook Timbul Ular & Binatang Lainnya ? Begini Caranya

Dengan banyaknya pengguna facebook yang tertipu dengan postingan ini yang mengakibatkan ular di layar hp menjadi viral di dunia maya saat ini. beberapa modus yang sering di gunakan yaitu "silahkan ketik #RAN pada kolom komentar, dan lihat apa yang terjadi, ular akan melintas di layar HP anda". dan ada yang lebih lagi bahkan ts menyuruh pengguna facebook untuk like dan share postingan tersebut. 

Sebenarnya jika sobat berpikir panjang maka sobat tidak akan percaya hal seperti tersebut, yups benar semua binatang yang timbul di hp menggunakan aplikasi yang bisa di download di playstore. dengan ada nya pluggin yang sudah support pada facebook itu lah yang menimbulkan ular ini pada saat anda mengetikkan #RAN pada kolom komentar facebook.
Ketik #RAN Di Komentar Facebook Timbul Ular & Binatang Lainnya ? Begini Caranya

Ada banyak aplikasi animasi selain Lelucon Imut Kelinci Di Ponsel yang bisa di gunakan tergantung kita mau menampilkan animasi apa kucing kah atau binatang lainnya. dan perintah pun tidak baku kepada penulisan #RAN.

Artikel Pertama Yang Di Terbitkan Jari Komputer

Ini merupakan artikel pertama jari komputer, kenapa kami memberi nama website ini dengan nama jari komputer ? Sebab dengan nama ini akan memberi semangat untuk pada author jari komputer dalam mengetik / membuat artikel.

Artikel Pertama Yang Di Terbitkan Jari Komputer

untuk menghubungi kami bisa mengakses kesini atau menuju witget contact.